Senator Bob Johnson Park


Kayak Launch

Very civilized launch. Bring your kayak down to the float and get in.


Kayak Launch

Pull yourself and your kayak into the Myakka River.


Kayak Launch

To haul out drive your kayak onto the float and pull yourself in. Then you can stand-up and get out with dry feet. 

Getting Out is easy



This park provides excellent access to the Myakka River. There are two rookeries downstream and many channels upstream. There are picnic tables, covered areas and toilet facilities.

If you have avoided trying kayaking due to mobility issues this place might help.

Ponce Paddle

Colony Point


Colony Point Paddle – 5/24/2018

This is an interesting paddle starting at Ponce Park and heading north. Then around the 1 Colony Point Condominiums and into the canal system back to Ponce. Due to the recent rains we launched at the boat ramp as the road to the launch area near the pavilion was under water. Very pleasant with very little wind and with partial cloud cover. Launching at the boat ramp is fine during the off season.

Follow the canal past the Marion Street bridge. Then there is a left turn (head east) then angle to the right passing three dead end canals and entering the fourth. That gets you to the Ponce Inlet. Please look at Google Maps to clear up any confusion. When you get to the correct canal you will see channel markers in the distance.

The only caution is the seas can build up at the canal entrance near Colony Point. If high waves you can simply return the way you came. Route fun either direction. We have taken this route several times and had to avoid the waves off Colony Point once.

Ponce Park around Colony Point

Ponce Park around Colony Point